The Relationship between Self Confidence & Depression

Depression is really a bad thing and I am sure that you have tried it once or at least saw someone who went through it. Some people say that depression comes to those who lack self confidence and while this statement is wrong still there is one part of it that is completely correct. Let me tell you how.

First of all, it's completely normal that a confident person gets depressed for a long period of time, so know that being depressed doesn't mean that you lack confidence


 Depression happens when a person fails to adapt to his external environment properly and this means that lack of confidence might result in depression!! For example, if you believe that you are unloved and if you always kept collecting clues that proofs this belief true (even if they were incorrect clues) you will end up feeling bad and even depressed.So this is actually a case where lack of self confidence caused depression.

So to define the relationship between depression and self confidence correctly we can say:

Being depressed doesn't mean that you lack confidence but lack of self confidence can certainly cause depression. Don't worry don't worry this is how to prevent this kind of depression

In order to prevent this kind of depression those are the steps you must take:

1)     Make sure you always monitor your self talk because it's the thing responsible for the formation of beliefs. In book The ultimate guide to getting over depression It is said that Before you form any belief your self talk has to do its part first. If for example someone didn't say hi to you in a good way then your self talk might tell you something like "I think he doesn't like my looks" at this point your self talk assisted in the formation of a belief that can later on make you depressed!!

2)     Make sure you never make conclusions before you have solid clues. In a previous lesson I told you how incorrect perception of an event can let you support a false belief even more to the extent that it becomes a solid one. In short, fixing your perception or making sure that you don't judge people incorrectly will prevent you from forming beliefs that can lead to depression.

3)     Avoid overgeneralizationOvergeneralization is a way of thinking that lets you make all or nothing conclusions. This way of thinking is quite common among depressed people simply because one or two bad situations can make them feel really bad about themselves. For example if someone was rejected once or twice he might come up with the conclusion that people hate him!! I get many mails from people who tell me that they feel unloved because they have never managed to have a successful romantic relationship. When I ask them how many times they failed they usually respond saying 2 times!!! This is a perfect example of overgeneralization

One Powerful tip for combating depression

Depression is a state of loss of hope that the person reaches when he finds that the road towards reaching his important goals blocked. Hope and depression cannot coexist together and this means that if you want to get over depression you must find a way to bring back hope. For example if you became depressed because you believe that there is no hope in becoming a confident person then the only way you can get out of this depression is to find someone or something that can bring you this hope back.

Understand this concept well and depression won't bother you anymore.
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