How to Like your Looks

How to like your looks? sounds like a strange title right?
Do you know how many people lack self confidence because they don't like their looks?
The media has killed the self esteem of many average looking people as a result of the very high standards its trying to force.
When a person dislikes his looks he becomes anxious around others especially the opposite sex and as a result he lacks self confidence.
In order to become self confident you need to like your looks. I am completely against the "unconditionally accept yourself school" or "the fool yourself to feel good school" and that's why in this post i will focus on giving you real tips that are backed by real facts that can help you like your looks.

This is how to like your looks
Here are 7 ways to like your looks even more:

  • 1) Realize the true reality: I know that you don't look like a super model but do you actually know how many people look like these super models? The genetic composition of those people is extremely rare and they represent less than 1 percent of the population. What you need to understand is that such looks you saw on TV only represents the looks of the minority. Why feel bad about your looks then?
  • 2) Understand attractiveness well: One of the main reasons people who don't like their looks don't feel confident is that the don't know how attraction works. In the articles i explained how physical attraction is only one part of the attraction puzzle. Self confidence, status, cheerfulness, money, attitude, physical proximity, power, similarity, mysteriousness and hundreds of other factors determine the overall attractiveness of a person in addition to physical looks.
  • 3) Find a star who looks like you: I once got a mail from a reader who told me that he doesn't like his looks because he is bold so i replied back telling him that some rock stars are really attractive even though they are bold. Do you know why such people are attractive? its because they are rock stars!! i know you might not be a rock star but why don't you collect some impressive qualities that make you more attractive?
  • 4) Get more mirror exposure: If you doubt that you have a self image problem ( you don't like your looks even though you look good) then get more mirror exposure. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that a recent research has shown that people who get more exposure to mirrors end up correcting the distorted image they had for themselves in their minds
  • 5) Find other possible explanations for rejections: One of the main reasons some people live with their self image problem forever is that they always attribute rejections to their looks while in fact there are hundreds of reasons that could explain the rejections they get. You wont be able to like your looks before you can provide logical explanations to the rejections you get else your subconscious mind will always believe that you are ugly.
  • 6) Did you try looking at other people?: So you don't like your looks because you are too skinny, What about other people? do they have perfect bodies? Do they have perfect noses? do they look like super models? People are normal just like you!! Once you start looking at people with this concept in mind you will discover that almost no one around you looks superb!! Why hate your looks then?
  • 7) Take care of your body and looks: Your subconscious mind wont help you accept or like your looks if you intentionally do some actions that reduces your attractiveness such as living an unhealthy life style, developing wrong eating habits or even getting addicted to drugs. Take care of your body and looks so that your subconsciousness mind helps you accept the way they are else it will resist your attempts to love your looks.

Final words about liking your looks

If you don't like your looks then there is a great possibility that you have a false belief about your looks. In fact a research has revealed that almost all people rate themselves less attractive than they really are by at least 1 point out of 10. (some people who have self image problems give themselves a minus 5 penalty!)

Changing your idea about your looks is like changing a false belief. Its something that takes time and that requires patience and persistence. Stick to the above advice and you won't have any problems liking your looks.

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